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If you don’t control your own reputation, somebody else will

Is your business keeping up?

Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation is key to growing your digital presence. There are many factors that go into your brand’s reputation. Website content, business listings, and finally direct reviews. Have you Google searched your business name recently? Are there negative customer reviews you haven’t seen before. There are many ways that random people can be detrimental to your business profile; leaving unwarranted negative reviews is only one way that your company can be affected by outside sources. Even if the information is true or false, you need a powerhouse in the Reputation Management world to be your sword and shield for your company’s credibility and protect your reputation. That is where Top Pro SEO comes in, because if you don’t manage your online reputation, someone else is going to do it for you!!

Are you a brand-new start up or an established business? Either way Top Pro SEO is your go-to expert team for Reputation Management. We have the tools at our disposal, the experience to get results, and the dedication to maintain our client’s reputation.

It has happened time and time again, a business has the need to terminate an employee, has an unreasonable customer, or an unscrupulous competitor, and gets attacked online out of no fault of their own. You started your business to make money, create a solid client base, and grow your business. When your reputation is under attack it, it can slow down or even stop your business production, not to mention costing your business thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue from lost business. You can’t wait to see if these attacks will stop, can’t hope they will go away. The longer you wait to moderate the impact of these negative marks, the higher they will climb in the rankings and could eventually become permanent. It takes aggressive action to mitigate the impact of reputation attacks. It is also a smart move to set up a defense against online attacks BEFORE they start. Just like you received inoculations when you were younger to help protect you from things in the future.

This is where Top Pro SEO comes in. One call to our character specialists and we can begin defending your hard-earned reputation or help you build up an online reputation the right way.  We immediately review your current situation and create a battle plan for optimizing your digital reputation. We have a host of weapons in our armory to protect and defend your businesses’ good standing. Utilizing Link Building, SEO, Social Media Campaigns, blogs and blog pots, syndicated articles, microsites, press releases, and many more. Top Pro SEO’s army will be there to alleviate current situations and defend against future attacks.

There is no quick fix to mitigate negative reputation attacks. Once the review is posted most directories won’t remove them right away. In fact, some of the listing sites won’t remove them at all. For example, the website; when a person leaves a negative review for a business, it could take up to a year for Yelp to remove that comment. Not only that, but we’ve had customers with positive reviews that weren’t even being displayed. Can you imagine the negative impact that could have on a business’s online reputation? Their annual income?

Let Top Pro SEO be your online public relations company. We have the team to take on this daunting task and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.