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Traditional marketing campaigns such as TV commercials, direct mailers, radio ads, and newspaper prints, made it difficult to track the actual return on marketing investment, not to mention being notorious for generating the lowest probability for a sale out of all the advertising methods available today. The evolution of the tech age has not only given us a faster way to connect to potential clients but also the ability to track and manage the direction of our digital marketing strategies. With analytics, location tracking, and keyword management, Top Pro SEO can micro-manage your PPC Management and Paid Search Campaigns, generating a higher, more refined ROI.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) delivers custom, targeted ads, to potential customers at the EXACT moment they are searching for your goods or services. The exposure of your brand is increased, yet you only pay for that exposure when the real potential client clicks through to your business.

Utilizing multi-variant techniques for testing ad placement, creating custom keyword rich landing pages, monitoring advanced analytics, and refining your actual keywords, our well trained, certified professionals can create a cost-effective Pay Per Click PPC Management system, to grow your business and online presence.

Paid Placement Campaigns

The initial step in digital marketing is paying for search engine and social media ad placement.  Paid online advertising gives your business the option to buy placement for keywords on search engines and affiliated sites. This platform is completely customizable and can reach your target demographic at the instant they search for key terms relevant to your business profile. With PPC there is a full suite of services available that is designed to deliver instant traffic.

Google Adwords

We help you take out the guess-work and frustration that comes along with Google’s ever evolving algorithms, using a controlled budget. By using Google Adwords, we are able to draw in the initial and qualified leads through extensive keyword and target market research. You can choose when and where your ads will display and even who sees them. Because PPC Advertisements appear above the organic search results, at the very top of the page, it puts you at the top of the top of the searcher’s mind and also allows you the first opportunity at the potential customer. We will create specific ads that represent a positive branding, and this valuable advertising can provide and immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contribute to revenue growth.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook being one of the most prominent and dominant social media platforms today, it is essential to target and drive in qualified leads, plus people that matter most to you at the source. At Top Pro SEO, we strategically post ads to help build brand awareness, drive in traffic, create a bigger audience engagement and reach, and increase conversions. Our extensive experience in Facebook Ads will help leverage your campaigns and will allow us to focus on efficiency and constant improvement of your ads.

Mobile Ads

Mobile friendly ads get your business in front of the potential client on the go. Displaying a snippet of content about your business, a click to call feature, and click to navigate function. Almost 75% of all people use their mobile device for most their purchasing decisions. Top Pro SEO will manage your mobile digital campaign with the skill and talent we use for every other online marketing platform.

Visual Advertising

Using stunning media grabs, or banner advertisements, we attract the attention of the potential client and convert them into a paying customer. This is the goal of using digital visual marketing. High definition video, stunning images and interactive graphics, brings a whole new dimension to digital marketing. We are well trained in optimizing Google’s display network that has more than 2 million sites used for digital visual advertising. Top Pro SEO places your visual ads where they can be found in news articles, blogs, and even on the bottom of mobile applications. This form of online advertising is designed to catch the user’s attention through imagery and creativity, and with the right placement it has a high conversion rate, bringing more potential clients to your business.

E-commerce Ads

Using your online shopping cart platform combined with a strategic PPC campaign helps the customer engage your products, get to your website and make purchases. The “call to action” buttons with proper integration can lead to higher conversion rates by encouraging instant purchases to be made. We all know how front-line purchases are made if you have ever bought candy at the checkout in a grocery store. Our team is highly skilled in setting up your digital marketing campaigns to not just display above your competition but also increase your return on investment.

Is PPC the Right Tool?

Is your business struggling to get off the ground, reached a plateau, are you considering an expansion this year? Our custom PPC campaigns are designed to maximize your online marketing dollars and expand your business rapidly. A Paid Search Campaign can be Is a proven powerful and effective form of digital advertising. Our team can set up and launch your campaign, allowing you ads to already be displaying on the front page of Google usually in about 24-48 hours, meaning you will start generating leads & business NOW. Our team of experts have been helping companies successfully set up, manage, and refine their online paid advertising campaigns for over a decade. We work closely with our clients to understand who their customer is, how potential clients search online, and the best way to capitalize on opportunities to increase.

Why are we, the Best PPC Company in Orange County?


There is no shortcut to any place worth reaching. That is why Top Pro SEO takes no half measures. Be it any avenue of lead generation; we keep our eyes open to get you the results. We track your call, and Google Analytics leads to understanding what suits you the best. Based on our tracking results, we may suggest the changes that make you more money.

No Bonds

We at Top Pro SEO believe in the power of words and creative design. That is why we never impose a contract on our clients. All we ask for is a few short months in advance to prove our worth. And from then on, we work for you on monthly payment. If at all we fail to impress you, well, a month’s notice will suffice. 


Our learning did not stop at reaching the top. It began there. Over the past many years, we have seen the internet change the world. We have seen the advent of newer tools and mastered using them for you. An inkling into our committed learning drive is the scores of summits we attend. We have learned it all for you so that you just have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Google Certified Employees 

Google can be a tough taskmaster. But our employees at Orange County are equal to the task. Our marketing experts have undertaken Google tests to get the giant’s certification. How will that help you? Well, their proven knowledge and expertise in PPC are yours for the taking. Our certified employees are just the solution you are looking for.

Always Available 

We open clear lines of communication. In case you need advice at oddest of hours, your account representative would be at your beck and call. We ensure that our clients at Orange County are never stranded in this fast-moving world without aid. Need 24/7 support? We have got you covered.

We Deliver Results 

We have SEO specialists at Orange County who can take care of your PPC and ORM. When we combine our passion with the handy tools available, it is a recipe for your success. That is what we do for a living. For us, results are a habit, not an accident. Your Pay Per Click goals are well within your grasp with us by your side.


We know AdWords and Quality Score mechanisms like the back of our hand. Our expertise can get you the results you desire when it comes to Pay Per Click. How do we do that? We have many arrows in our quiver. Some are: Click Through Rates, low Cost Per Acquisition. These combinations always raise the Return on Investment.

To Increase Click Through Rate

We increased Click Through Rates of websites managed by others. That, too, by a whopping 50-60 percent. And that is one of the biggest testimonies to our skills. Now, PPC suitability is no mean task, and with our proven track record, you are in good company at Orange County.

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