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What are website analytics?

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Detailed Analytics & Metrics

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are unique fields. It takes style, integrity, and intelligence. To get ahead of your competition it takes more than just having a website online. This new age digital marketplace has become the world’s standard for financial transactions both large and small. It’s important for any business that wishes to be successful in today’s environment to execute a Digital Marketing Campaign that can gain the interest of potential clients and generate the desired income for your growing business.

One key aspect of a successful online marketing strategy is being able to see where your online presence is having an impact. Are you reaching your targeted demographic? Is your website being seen in the regions you are focusing on? Where is your online traffic coming from? How much traffic have you received? What is your conversion rate? How much is your Cost Per Acquisition?

With Top Pro SEO, we give you full-transparency. Not only do we make full use of Google Analytics and the Google Search Console but we provide all of our clients access to their own personal dashboard that ties in all of your campaigns in one place, so you can see data like Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, SEO Crawler Audit, Ranking Reports, Lead Tracking, Call Tracking, Reporting and more. Our analytic packages give you all the needed information to streamline, improve, and direct your digital marketing campaign.

The Data for Digital Marketing

Top Pro SEO has many different options for on- and off-site analytics that we can modify for your business’ needs. Having the proper information on your digital impact can help to maximize your return on investment. Your digital marketing dollars are precious, we know. So we make sure you see how effective those dollars are being used. Analytics monitoring helps gauge the effectiveness of certain online campaigns, shows areas for needed improvement, and can help inform you of all needed adjustments.

We routinely review your online presence for key performance indicators (KPIs) the points of data that lets you know exactly how your business is doing and in what areas of the digital marketplace. These KPIs help us determine what improvements are needed in your online campaign.

Data that is solely Yours

Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager are the industry standard for monitoring your online performance. We give you full access to these features so you don’t have to rely on an internal data that can be skewed or information that’s not complete. Top Pro SEO wants you to see first-hand exactly what our company is doing for your business, straight from the horse’s mouth. You can access your analytical data at anytime and from any place, 24 hours a day from your own computer or mobile device. We pride ourselves on the honest and transparent with the work we do. Thousands of continuous clients can’t be wrong.
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  • Tag Management
  • Event Tracking
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Added Flexibility

User Behavior Data

  • Live User Recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Scroll Maps
  • User Feedback
Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA)

  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Data Analysis