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Search Engine Optimization is the underpinning of any online marketing program. Your business needs to be trusted by your potential clients, be recognized by the dominate directories, and placed front and center of your business category. As we help your business establish your online presence, you will start building domain authority and reaping the benefits of a solid digital campaign. SEO is not an overnight, flip of the switch, magic wand that will miraculously increase your online presence. It takes a bit of time to create and execute a successful online marketing strategy that is profitable.  Proper SEO requires establishing trust, building domain authority, and engaging the public. Our SEO strategies will do just that! Call us today and see what Top Pro SEO can do for your business.

Top Pro SEO is all about bringing money to your bottom-line. It wouldn’t make sense to spend your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t garner results. We know that we aren’t the only SEO company out there. We also know we are not the cheapest option out there. Top Pro SEO is a result-driven digital marketing company. It is the only reason we have been so successful in this volatile marketplace. We strive because or clients grow. In the end the results speak for themselves. Let Top Pro SEO earn your business one client at a time.

Our SEO packages are customized on a business to business basis. A landscaper has different needs then a real estate agent, an online vehicle broker won’t need the same services as an online clothing supplier. We recognize the uniqueness of all our individual clients and the diverse challenges they face. We take the time to interview our potential clients and see if we are a good fit for their current marketing goals. Believe it our not we would rather turn away business then take on clients that we can not help by increasing their revenue. We treat each client like our work family and our success is based on your success. Let’s be successful together!


This is usually the first question potential clients ask. The answer is… We don’t exactly know. There is no set timeframe to see rank improvements. There are many factors involved in generating these results. Some businesses can see results in a few months, there are some business that will need longer to recover from unethical SEO practices that resulted in Google penalties.

Getting your keywords and key search terms to rank your business on the front page of Google depends on quite a few factors. Does your website have content relevant to the keywords you are looking for? The algorithms used by Google search not only for how many times the keywords are used on the website but also the content built around them. Just because you use your key terms repetitively on your website doesn’t mean the search engines will increase the rank of your site. Top Pro SEO makes sure your content is relevant and fresh, two factors Google searches for.

This a tough question to answer in such a little space. Without full knowledge of your current digital presence we can only give you a general idea of what keeps your business rankings low. Low click through rates, minimal relevant content, incorrect coding, low-quality backlinks, and lack of positive user experiences are some of the main factors for lack of digital online growth. Contact Top Pro SEO for a complete web analysis of your digital presence.

Search engine ranking change sometimes daily. If your company isn’t up-to-date on the current algorithms and relevant data required by the search engines, then you could watch your website rankings plummet without knowing how to fix it. Other mitigating factors include increase in competition for certain keywords, poor mobile platform transfer, low quality backlinks, Google penalties and of course little to no relevant content.

Your current website has presence. Google has indexed it almost everyday, sometimes more then twice a day. Google also ranks your site on the freshness of its content, its adaptability and its user experience. We recommend when you are doing a website over-haul to rebuild on the base that you have. You can implement new templates and modules while you are redeveloping your site. Top Pro SEO will help you migrate to a new website design while maintaining your current rankings.