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Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing field. One day search engines are looking for one thing, the next something different. Google and the other major search engines have been focusing more on more on user-rich experiences. Gone are the days when you could have plenty of content, lots of backlinks, and some graphics, and still maintain a top placement position.  It is vital in today’s online world to have a solid foundation digitally. Top Pro SEO can take your current web presence and propel it to the next level, thereby helping your company grow and expand, arriving to the next level of success. We have the technical know-how and experience to greatly increase your client base via online marketing.

The technical side of Search Engine Optimization is brutal, in all reality. It covers so much data and information, that without a computer science degree and years of experience, it is easy to get lost in all the jargon and specific requirements that are needed to produce top results. Top Pro SEO hires talent at the top of their game. These are people that have years of experience in managing & implementing our exclusive, innovative proprietary Thematic Optimization, Information Architecture, and Complex Event SEO Processing technologies.

Our technicians fulfill all requirements needed to produce results for your Digital Marketing Campaign. Top Pro SEO has assembled the most skilled, trusted, and experienced experts on your team – because there is no room for making the wrong moves with your Internet Marketing. We give you the power to bolt on a team of super-intelligent experts in SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Management, Paid Search Campaigns, and Reputation Management, in place of one or two of your people in-house. They pride themselves on having all the needed tools and tactical strategies required to be the best in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the all-encompassing services provided by Top Pro SEO you will see results no matter what phase of development your company is in.

Website Audits on the Technical Side.

Bringing your current website and previous SEO strategy to the table allows us at Top Pro SEO to dive directly into your current situation and see how we can improve your current digital marketing plan. Our technical team of SEO specialists audits your website and reviews a checklist of important factors regarding your online presence.

Recovering from Penalties

We hate to say it but there are companies who don’t believe in the same principles that we hold important. Such as honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing. Have you worked with a company in the past, not knowing whether their practices were unscrupulous or whether they were using “black-hat” SEO techniques? Did you notice that your website has fallen off the Google search completely? Our professional SEO team knows how to get you back in front of your potential clients, remove all penalties and start digitally marketing your business ethically and honestly. Top Pro SEO uses only ethical, “white-hat” techniques to get results for our clients. The following are some of the penalties that Google may hit you with, or that you may be experiencing:

These types of things can result in your site being punished on the Keyword level (meaning your keywords drop off the rankings), a URL- or Directory Level (meaning your website drops off the rankings), or your site could be De-Indexed from Google completely.

Migrating to Bigger and Better Things

As your company grows, so does your web presence and so do the digital marketing needs of your company. Need a fresh domain name? Want to transfer your website to a faster server? Haven’t yet switched to secure server protocol (SSL)? Migrating your website can be a daunting and challenging task. Our seasoned professionals will be able to make any transition as smooth as possible.

It is very critical in your business’ development to maintain its search rankings and established position. If it’s not done correctly, you can find yourself dropping off or losing significant rankings that you have already achieved

Top Pro SEO is experienced in all facets of website migration. We have helped thousands of companies maintain and even grow their online presence through the process. You wouldn’t want to hire just anyone off the street tom move your family home cross-country, would you? Let the professionals at Top Pro SEO help you:

Optimizing for Speed and Minimal Load Times

Is it taking more than milliseconds for your page to load? Does your text load loooonnggg before your graphics? Are you losing customers because it takes too long for your site to show them what they want to see? Believe it or not these common issues are easily dealt with. Top Pro SEO can fine tune the performance of your website, thus improving your rankings in all major search engines. Mobile platforms are imperative in being rewarded with higher rankings with Google. We also generate streamlined accelerated mobile pages (AMP) so Google knows your website will be one of the best to display first.

First, Top Pro SEO runs a calculated speed test, next we generate a thorough report for our clients, recommending all major changes needed for improvement. Then it’s simple for our team to:

Speaking The Search Engine’s Language

The structure of data markup is very important to communicating with the search engine world. Imagine being dropped into a foreign country and not speaking the language…The locals would pretty much ignore you, or you could end up ordering a cab instead of a cheeseburger, and that is what happens to websites that don’t follow structured data vocabularies. We implement the standards and guidelines of JSON-LD code, HTML, and Schema markup to define the content of your website so that your website and the major search engines are speaking the same language. This enhancement significantly increases site rankings, visibility, and click-through rates. What do our Search Engine Linguists do for your business…

Checking out the competition

Believe it or not we have a fully staffed team of private eyes. Okay, more like SEO professionals who know how to investigate what your competition is doing.  They have a gambit of tools and techniques at their disposal to find out everything your company needs to know in order to have the advantage over your competitors. We go deep undercover to research your business category not only on a local level but nationally as well. Our search engine gumshoes find out what’s working for them and what’s detrimental to their business. Our checkpoints include:

Image Optimization

There is not only an artistic aspect of images and online videos but a scientific element also. The right images not only grab your potential client’s attention but also makes the written content easier to process. Google has no way of knowing that you have a picture of, let’s say a German Shepard dog, on your site. Image Optimization tells Google EXACTLY what the image is so when it comes to ranking that image for people looking for a German Shepard, it knows to include you image in those results as well. In addition, screen readers for the blind and visually impaired will read out this text and if it hasn’t been optimized properly, won’t be included in the index. Not only does Top Pro SEO help optimize your images, but we also understand the structure of ALT Tags that can help improve your websites ranking.

The SEO master team here will optimize your images and videos to increase the Positive User Experience (PUE) quotient which is important not only to the ranking of your website but also to converting potential customers into buyers.

Analyzing Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). Our team will find out from where and to whom all backlinks originate. There was a time when Google just recognized the quantity of backlinks a website contained. Recent adjustments to indexing algorithms has changed that. Google now judges the quality of your backlinks, their relevance to your business, and the website they come from. Our SEO techs have the knowledge and know how to make sure your website is optimizing its backlink asset.