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Why are we the Best Web Design Company in Orange County?

User-Friendly Websites

What good is a web page if the audience cannot relate to it? At Top Pro SEO, we not only design websites but also create the user experience. With our compelling designs, we leave a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. And this inevitably results in better traction. Moreover, we plan pages that are both user-friendly and compelling.

We Listen 

We are not the type of agency that jumps the gun. We take your aspirations and goals into account before embarking on a project. Should you have any issues or grievances, worry not. We keep open lines of communication to help you understand and track processes.


Now, your business’ success is the fuel for our growth engine. That is why we are always proactive in ensuring we follow the best practices. We are not the run-of-the-mill kind of agency concerned with the money in a gig. We take responsibility and deliver on it.

Wide Range of Services 

Be it SEOPPC, or web design solution; we have you covered. We undertake all services from conception, inception to delivery. Your search for a top-notch service firm at Orange County ends at the doors of Top Pro SEO. From keyword-rich content to appealing designs, we answer all queries. If you want to build your brand, our ORM services will help you do that too.

Fresh Ideas

Why tread the beaten path? With us, you can experiment and carve a niche. Our experts at Orange County are the numero uno when it comes to churning out fresh content and creative ideas. We invest in the best to deliver you the best.

Customized Path & Balanced Approach

At Top Pro SEO, we tweak solutions to meet customer aspirations. We give solutions that are relevant to your business model. Should you want to change the approach midway, we allow customization as well. We help you succeed by maintaining a balance between your budget and campaign cost.

Skilled Designers & Developers

We employ the best. Ours is a team full of skilled designers and developers at Orange County. Some of them are the absolute best in class. Our band of experts is Google certified, and that means something. The combination of skilled designers and developers provides you attractive website and stability.

We Care For Our Client’s Success 

Your success is a testimony to our skills. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to get you the results you aspire for. Be it a shoestring budget or a venture with deep pockets; our commitment remains the same. The reason is simple: Your success is the right references that help us do our job.

Holistic Web Solutions

We spend time getting to know your aspirations. We help you realize those aspirations by attuning our methodology to your term goals. We help you learn from your past experiences the best way to secure your future. This holistic web solution offers you security combined with success.

Long Term Relationship 

We do not impose contracts or packages, as we are confident of our abilities. We know that once you choose us, it is for the long haul. Our one-stop-shop for all your website concerns binds you to us, for our passion has no competition. 

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11 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Web Design Company in Orange County

Support after the website goes live

An agency that washes its hands off you once the website goes live is a bad investment. Websites need regular maintenance and content update. Now, you should not chase after agencies once your business is live. Hire an agency that helps you with website creation and set up a support system to manage content and ORM.

Transparency & Communication

Apart from the pricing and contract, transparency in processes is especially important. Without knowing the framework and the tools, you will be in the dark regarding progress. Moreover, the agency should be at your beck and call. The communication should be clear, such that both of you understand each other. 

Office Location

The office of an agency can speak volumes about its quality. The premises can reveal whether they are a startup or experienced hands. It may also help you ascertain how tech-savvy they are. If they consistently post photos of the premises, it means they are confident. Fix an appointment and pay a visit to ascertain; they do not work out of virtual offices.

Check the certifications

Never take someone’s word for their abilities. Ask for their credentials and certifications if the agency fidgets, back off. An experienced agency with proper credentials would always be upfront with certifications. You do not want to entrust your lifework to charlatans.

Size of the company

You would like to know the size of the company to identify whether it could handle your project. You would not want a company to take up your project and then fish for talent elsewhere to pull it off. Big companies may sit on your projects; smaller ones may turn out to be inadequate. Go for a company that is slim around its waist for optimum results.

In-Person Meeting With Them 

Never skip this bit. If a company encourages meetings, it shows their approach towards clients. Moreover, it is always better to know your project handlers and touch base with them. It builds rapport and helps in the smooth functioning of the process. 

Social Media or Digital Marketing Department

The Orange County SMM agency must have a chic social media and digital marketing department. Consider this, an agency has the best tools, developers, and designers, but cannot generate sales. The reason is that they lack expertise in the social media department. This department is key to generating traction, which results in better sales. Now, a company without one or with a weak department will not deliver the goods. 

Check the Agency’s Portfolio

When checking for the credentials of an agency, do not go by what they claim. Trace their earlier clients and check their websites. If the design and the elements do not catch your eye, the agency is not suited for you. Never skip this part, for this gives you an inkling into their core competency. 


Remember, you are handing over the responsibility of your website to someone else. Do a thorough check of the agency’s references and claims. Cross-check with their past clients to identify how accountable they are. You do not want to pump in the money without getting any accountability in the bargain.

Payment Options

This aspect should suit your business model. Some may ask for half of the payment in advance. Others may seek the same in full. Strike a deal with an agency that is budget-friendly to you. Now, selecting a high-bracket agency may not always work wonders. Moreover, a paltry pay seeking agency may do a shoddy job. Consider the payment schedule and package before taking the plunge.


There is no reason to overstretch when it comes to an agency. If you are running a business on a shoestring budget, no need to go to bigshot agencies charging a bomb, you must consider the billing model of agencies. Some charge by the hour, while some present a monthly bill. Never overshoot your budget. Try to get the maximum bang for your buck by considering the metrics that lead to traffic. 

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Web Design Services FAQs

Yes. The reason is simple. WordPress has attuned its algorithm to give maximum bang for the buck. It is what drives around 30% of the web. It is flexible and easy to use. The scores of plugins needed may make it seem daunting. However, once you get the hang of it, it is smooth sail after that.

Yes. We not only get your website up but also train you to keep it running. We give you video tutorial lessons so that you get the drift of the workflow. Our easy to use models will be the right mix of productivity and accessibility. Once you are set, you can keep updating the content to your heart’s content.

There are many factors to consider here. If you want a custom design, it may take 4-6 weeks. However, if your model turns out to be complex, designing and developing it may take time. However, we put every effort to deliver the project on time before the deadline. 

Again, there are several factors to consider here. Consider the charge levied by a designer, developer cost, and the cost of analytics are some. While you may get templates in the region of $400 and upwards, a customized site may cost you more.

We hire some of the best talents available in the market. All our works, starting from inception to delivery, are in-house. Our industry-leading experts plan for all exigencies and are always ready with solutions. We take pride in serving in-house solutions without outsourcing any work. 

While having the content ready will quicken the pace of progress, it is not necessary. You may ask us to give placeholders until content is ready. We may also give you an outline of the content and image best suited for your website if you so desire. 

Yes. Our experts at Orange County conceive all elements of your website and deliver them with great care. You need not worry about us using templates, because we do not. Our works are always 100% genuine. If you give clear instructions, we will incorporate all elements to your liking. 

Responsive websites are those that adjust to the screen of the users. Websites that are not responsive take a long time to load on platforms like mobiles and tablets. If you get a responsive website created, the loading time will come down. Viewers, too, will have a better experience. Remember, mobiles generate 50% of internet traffic. It is the reason why you must have a responsive website.

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